Jeep RM249 Viscous Coupler

Jeep NP249 Factory Re-manufactured Viscous Coupler Coupling

This is a factory re-manufactured viscous coupler for the 1993-1998 Jeep with the NP249J transfer case. We only use OE cores and American made parts and chemicals, nothing offshore.

I have included two new pictures showing the design changes made to the hub. The early hub spline goes to the end and the late has a small chamfer. This machining difference does not effect the coupler fitting early or late transfercase. Both early and late viscous couplers interchange.

Buyer Note: I include one prepaid return shipping label for the core return with every US purchase. Do Not lose or damage this label, it is the only one we will issue! You will pay the return shipping if this happens.

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Jeep NP249 Factory Re-manufactured Viscous Coupler Coupling

Item specifics
Brand: STE Couplers
Warranty: Yes
Manufacturer Part Number: RM249
Core Charge: $25

AWD and fulltime 4WD vehicles need extra attention to tire size. All tires must measure NO MORE than 3/16″ circumference difference. More than this will damage the coupling Unit.  Don’t forget to measure your tires.