Jeep R-247 Clutch Pack

Jeep NP247 Factory Re-manufactured Clutch Pack

This is a factory re-manufactured clutch pack for the 1999 and newer Jeep 247 transfer case. This part is built with updated American made clutches so you can use ATF 4 fluid or the factory fluid. We start with OE cores and only use American made parts in this clutch pack.

Builder note: You must clean the inside of the M/S (rear output shaft) completely or any metal inside will find its way into the clutch pack and you will end up with it trying to engage while driving straight down the road and this will burn the clutches. This is 2WD vehicle with an on demand  AWD. You must spin the rear wheels faster than the front to engage the AWD feature.

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Jeep NP247 Factory Re-manufactured Clutch Pack

Item specifics
Brand: STE Couplers
Warranty: Yes
Manufacturer Part Number: R247
Core Charge: $25

AWD and fulltime 4WD vehicles need extra attention to tire size. All tires must measure NO MORE than 3/16″ circumference difference. More than this will damage the coupling Unit.  Don’t forget to measure your tires.